Side view of warm limestone deposit

Exploring the Geology of Limestone Deposits: Formation, Characteristics, and Extraction

Explore the geological marvels of limestone deposits in our comprehensive blog, uncovering the formation, characteristics, and extraction processes.
Open pit mining of construction sand stone materials

The Versatile Rock: Exploring Limestone Uses in Various Industries

Discover the diverse limestone uses across industries! Learn about the importance of limestone and its indispensable role in modern society.

The Many Uses of Limestone

Limestone is a versatile resource that can be used in many industries and applications to improve strength and durability.
Yellow bulldozer flattening the ground in the limestone quarry_

A Solid History of Limestone

The history of limestone spans thousands of years across human civilization, resulting in many innovative construction projects, structures, and art.
Rip rap wall by the river with limestone

Rip Rap Retaining Wall Best Practices

Read about the benefits of using limestone rip rap for retaining walls and the industry-leading selection offered by Pontotoc Sand & Stone.
How Limestone Rip Rap Protects Against Erosion

How Rip Rap Stone Protects Against Erosion

Rip rap stone is a tough rock armor that protects your shorelines against weathering and water damage. Learn how you can use the material.