Sand being loaded for fraccing

Frac sand demand and supply 2023

Like many raw materials, frac sand demand has been soaring in 2023. Learn about current trends and factors to consider for frac sand prices today.
Image of pumps used for fracing

Types of Washing & Classifying Equipment for Frac Sand

Get the most out of your fracing operations. Learn how washing and classifying sand solution equipment can elevate your frac sand.
Image of two workers operating a sand crushing machine.

Types of Crushers for Frac Sand

Crushers can make all the difference for a successful fracing operation. Learn about the different types of crushers for frac sand today.
Image of a truck loading up with sand.

Frac sand load in process

Do you need a truck load of sand? Learn about frac sand, characteristics of good suppliers, and how an efficient process works.
Image of machinery moving sand for fracking

Understanding Frac Sand Sizes

If you work in oil and gas, you need frac sand for your operations, but do you know what sand sizes you need? Continue reading for more.
Image of an excavator loading sand onto a trailer truck.

Transloading Frac Sand

How is frac sand transported? Learn all about the methods and benefits for the reliable and quick transportation of sand today.
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How to choose a dependable sand supplier

The right industrial sand supplier can play a crucial role in maintaining your application’s efficiency. Learn what to look for in your search.
Image of fracking equipment at a fracturing site.

What’s the Difference between Fracing and Drilling?

Understanding the differences between natural gas extraction methods is vital for any business in the industry. Learn about fracing vs. drilling today.
Round ground sand on sand mine

What affects the price of Frac Sand?

Frac sand is crucial for hydraulic fracturing, but demand can often fluctuate costs. Continue reading to learn more about frac sand prices.
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What Is Fracing? The Complete Guide

Hydraulic fracturing is a process that extracts natural gas and oil resources. Learn about how Pontotoc’s frac sand makes the fracing process easy.