Work of trucks and the excavator in an open pit

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Carbon-Neutral Mining Practices and Offsetting Emissions

Many fracing operations today have put the well-being of the environment at risk. Learn all about the upsides of carbon-neutral mining.
barge with sand

Understanding Frac Sand Logistics

With a global sand crisis, it’s important for oil and gas applications to understand frac sand logistics in the supply chain. Continue reading for more.
sand storage transportation and sorting

Understanding Frac Sand Storage Methods

Proper frac sand storage can save your operation considerable time and money. Continue reading to learn more today.
Loading Frac Sand for Fracking

The Environmental Impact of Frac Sand Processing

Sand has become a crucial material in the fracing process for oil and gas operations. Learn all about the environmental impacts of frac sand processing.
Sand casting mold for metal

How does Sand Mold Casting Work?

Many industrial processes can benefit from intensive sand casting processes. Learn more about what sand casting is and how it works today.
Person pouring melted glass into mold

How is Silica Sand Used in Glass Manufacturing?

Did you know that silica sand is a key component of glass manufacturing? Continue reading to learn more about glass made from sand today.

Frac Sand Hauling with Trucks

The frac sand hauling process utilizes trucks, haulers, and automated logistics for efficient and accurate deliveries.
Cranes in a mine
Overhead shot of Pontotoc conveyor belts moving sand
Large Coal Mining Machine